A Novella 

                                          by Kim Hines                                                                                                                                       

...True Black Girl Magic...                                                                                          

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"Wingo Fly brings us into the world of a girl on the cusp of womanhood in a tightly-knit African American community at a time when community meant people really saw and talked to each other. Woven deftly with winning detail, humor and suspense, the story captures us early and creates a window into Christy Wingo's relationship with the unseen through second sight. If you want to understand the underpinnings of one people's struggle against tragedy and racism, read this book. You won't be able to put it down anyway, once you start."

                     --Jenna Zark, author of The Beat on Ruby's Street and Fool's Errand


"Kim, Kim, Kim, get this published ASAP and get it into the hands of young readers!!"  

                                                                                                   --Ellen Glatstein, visual artist and retired entrepreneur 

​Here Is More of What Is Being Said About Wingo-Fly:

"There is a delicate line between childhood and adolescence where we balance for just a moment. The world becomes richer more colorful and so bittersweet.  This is where we meet Christy and her story. Full of great characters, humor, the reality of being an African American family in Mpls in the 60's and a murder mystery this book captured me from the first sentence. I did not want to put it down and I felt a loss when it ended. I rarely find a story that makes me think, learn and cry…this did it all."

                    --Melinda Kordichactress / artist

"Kim Hines is a phenomenal writer.  Having lived in Minneapolis at the time of Wingo-Fly -- (1965), she brought me back home.  It was real. I laughed and cried with enthusiasm being very familiar with many of the characters’ real-life counterparts. I can’t wait for others to read this work, and experience what I did - a phenomenon."  

                    -- Jan Rainey, arts supporter and childhood friend

"Okay,...just masterful. Such a terrific, suspenseful, magical journey. Love it! (Oh, to be ten years old again, and wise.) I LOVED IT! Please tell me you are writing a series -- I want MORE CHRISTY WINGO!!!  Seriously, what a great cast of characters, and they can all grow together through so many adventures and mysteries and "interesting times!" How do I nominate this for a Minnesota Book Award? I really do hope you are working on the next one. Move over Nancy Drew!"

                   --Theresa Ziegler, business owner and avid arts supporter

"More Christy, Please."   --Patrick Scully, producer, gay activist, and performance artist.

"10 year old Christy Wingo, precocious and visionary, is our tenderhearted eyes and ears into the fires, lootings, and missing-body mysteries of Minneapolis, summer 1965.
  Where is Raymond Love? How did the neighbor's dog die? And why are the white folks acting so strange?
With humor, sizzling imagery, and an insider's revelations of the delights and tribulations of the "Colored" neighborhood, author Kim Hines gently undoes stereotypes, subtly unpacks the emotional complexity of racism among the middle class, and lets us into the homes of Christy's neighborhood.
  What stays with this reader is old Sister Ray's wise-woman ways, her warm apple cider ice cream floats, and the unconsciously brave Christy Wingo's persistently warm objectivity. Even as she is ringed by murder, unrest, and jolting visions, young Christy is also encircled by the care and love of her family and friends, and by the clear eyes of a wise childhood.
  This book is for all ages who love adventure mixed with the comfort of familiar streets and an insightful slant on history.
When sensitive hearts see injustice clearly, and still remain open and fair-minded, that is Christy Wingo. A strong link to help understand, remember, and speak truth."
                    --Heidi Arneson, Author of Interlocking Monsters and The Chalk Canoe

"I read a couple of pages and burned the food cooking on my stove!! The story jumped off the page for me. I was taken on a journey of remembrance! Truly a blessing for a time such as this. I cried and soul was broken and this healed me!"

                    --Princetta Berry, psychologist, avid book reader

"I finished Wingo-Fly. Ok. It was a book for teens. Really great. The arcing of characters was perfecto. No loose ends. Some hooks for more like The trial and the other adventures of Christy. It's a great series book 1. More pls."   

                    -- Laurel Lewis, writer and entrepreneur

"Though I was the same age as Christy is in this book, my growing up was very different. I learned about so many things in regards to racism, and how subtle it can be to the point that you forget that it's there, until you figure out that its always been right there in the open..and we get all of this from the view of a child.  I want to share this with others who are working towards eradicating racism and social in-justice. There is so much we can learn for this book. Thank you!"

                    --April Stoltz,social activist

"Just masterful. Such a terrific, suspenseful, magical journey. Love it! (Oh, to be ten years old again, and wise.)" 

                    --Barbara Morin, theater professional, educator and designer

"I am a 10-year-old boy who loves to read. The book was. very well-written book and it kept me guessing until the end. It was kind of a like a thriller because you didn't know what would happen next. I liked how she wrote it because when the heroine was talking to Raymond, it was kind of cool because she was talking to a dead person. It also was kinda sad but it would be a spoiler alert if I told you why. Overall, I rate this book 5 stars!"

                    --Quinlan Nettleton, 10 years old

"Oh my Lordie, Kim....your book, this story, I literally could not put it down, and did not want it to end, and this morning as I finished it in the quiet early sunlight on the front porch, in this covid solitude, I could almost imagine you following Christy thru time, as she grows within her community, within herself, and her awakening into the permeability between the worlds... I LOVEd this book, and sincerely now, am going to read your plays...Your voice- - writing in here is so clear, and brave. and I hope for more Christy Wingo in her arrivals. But if not, thank you for this very beautiful potent story Kim... You are holding the vast intersecting overlap of culture, place, culture and time...I could feel and see it all so vividly... What a fine mentoring...and teaching this novella is Kim Hines."   

                        -- Laura Jolly, Hospice & Palliative Care and Landscape Design

"Hi Kim! I just finished reading Wingo-Fly and loved it! Moments into reading the very first words, I was struck by how very relevant it was for this moment. It took place in the very neighborhood where George Floyd took his last breath. It was chilling to read now, given the national and local outrage over racial injustice. My only real criticism is that I wanted to know more about the characters, especially Miss Savannah. I think it has lots of potential for a sequel!"

                        --Darcy Juhl, Music Educator

"I finished your book. I loved it. I loved the beautiful strong female characters and the way they bonded together through three generations. I love the way they teamed and fought for justice. I loved learning about the history of south Minneapolis. The racial injustices were heartbreaking. The story was precious, delicate and beautifully moving. Thank you for sharing this story." 

                    --Risa Cohen, director of the Dance Program at Breck School; coach at Circus Juventas; a mother (11 year old

                     boy), and a wife.

"I finished the book! I was right there in the neighborhood with all the characters! It brought me back to Minneapolis and I was kind of sad because a lot of our kids don’t have that same neighborhood cohesiveness any more. Christy having to go via the alley to see Sister Ray because someone would see them and tell her mom!! So real, LOL! This story had everything in it. Strong and real characters, suspense, humor, history, fear, compassion, spirituality, attention paid to every detail, and excellent writing! Christy’s mom wasn’t feeling Sister Ray-- Hahaha!! She saved her little girl on so many levels!! Takes a village" 

                    ---Diane Granger Bowman, Retired litigation paralegal

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