The Latest Book Hatchlings...and More!

Almost before I knew it, each of these pieces had come into view.  Take a peek...

YA Fiction​

"Christy Wingo is a young Black girl in a Minneapolis neighborhood in 1965. She struggles with current events surrounding her while wrestling with her gift of sight."

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I Believe 
I'll Run On...
YA Fiction​

"Donny’s journey has him questioning his decisions in regards to his need for revenge; the use of violence and how his actions affect not only his family---but has added to the list of problems within his community as well."

Coming late 2020

By N' By
YA Fiction

An interesting story that fiddles with time and the present can  influence the past in order to change the future!

Meet the many wonderful and vibrant Black characters including Mae, her son Bishop and Bruce the psychic as they try to make the needed changes to positively influence Mae's future generations.

Coming sometime in 2021

On Its Way...

Children's Fiction

Using the children's stories written by Dorothy Hines, and illustrations of Melinda Kordich, these books will be for  young readers. 

Coming sometime in 2021